Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Coca Cola Distribution Centers

Alsip & Niles, IL

Jamerson & Bauwens has provided continuous electrical and technical maintenance support for the entire plant and offices for over 24 years. Most recently our work has included the installation of new batching, blending, filling, and packaging equipment.

Project Scope

  • Dasani water line, including blow molder, filler/capper, conveyors, packers, and palletizer (Alsip)
  • Compressor room upgrade (Alsip)
  • 4000A/480V service, along with the replacement of the Syrup room MCC (Alsip)
  • Line 2 Micro Blender & Line 2 labeler installation (Alsip)
  • Line 2 filler/seamer upgrade (Alsip)
  • Line 3 seamer replacement (Alsip)
  • Line 2 overhead conveyor (Niles)
  • Line 3 labeler installation and packer, bundler, and conveyor installation (Niles)
  • Reverse osmosis wastewater reclamation project (Niles)
  • Powerade blender (Niles)
  • Line 3 Fuji labelers (Niles)
  • New and relocated tabletop (Niles)
  • Full case conveyor (Niles)
  • Bottle inspection equipment (Niles)
  • Relocated and new packers, elevators, and communication (Niles)
  • Interlock wiring for Line control and Line performance data gathering (Niles)
  • Addition of a Line 4 and 5 packer area (Niles)

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