Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.


Jamerson & Bauwens is a multi-generational electrical contractor and a TEGG-Certified Service provider. Beyond electrical systems and infrastructure we deliver, TEGG-Certified electrical hazard detection services are an evolution of old “maintenance as triage” attitudes.


Our NFPA 70, 70B and 70E compliance solutions coalesce as life-cycle-long protection for electrical distribution systems and infrastructure.


  • Extend lifespan.
  • Lower utility costs.
  • Minimize downtime.
  • Optimize function and suitability.
  • Lower repair costs.
  • Enhance safety.
  • Obtain and sustain insurance, resourcefully.


To understand more of Jamerson & Bauwens’ hazard detection services, contact servicedesk@jbelectric.com.

Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

Studying a facility’s electrical equipment, we determine incident energy levels at all points across the system. Our findings and hazard identification advance safety for workers in contact and proximity of energized electrical equipment.

De-energized Service & Inspection

Safely de-energizing, while meeting all hazardous energy control requirements, we do more than “shut down,” to begin the process.


Teams are trained, equipped, and experienced to perform complex repair, replacement and predictive/preventive maintenance of your entire electrical system.

Energized Service & Inspection

Configuration, loading, or some other issue?


Our team members conduct efficient, enhanced analysis of energized systems. Benefit from their speed and accuracy.

Equipment & Asset Management

Enhanced asset management exerts hyper vigilance. The software suite tracks electrical components on a fulltime, non-stop cycle.


Automate, prolong, and better manage electrical systems and infrastructure.

Infrared Thermography

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Visual inspections


Ensure your building is safe by identifying unseen electrical hazards utilizing our sophisticated testing equipment and analysis. Locating risks within the structure that can cause fire and interruption, we address them, completely.

Megger Testing

Measuring resistance to determine if equipment or wiring has current leakage, faulty or damaged insulation.


Failure, emergency, interruption, and obsolescence don’t occur “on schedule.” Ceaseless, vigilant monitoring of the systems, operations, and infrastructure under Jamerson & Bauwens’ care is the one method we know works.


More than a “look see.”


Comprehensive analysis is performed by professionals who understand the specific system, construction, or infrastructure, and the operational requirements asked of it.

Power Quality Analysis

Prominent among Jamerson & Bauwens’ specialty electrical repair, testing, and monitoring solutions is the Power Quality Analysis. The service and its process determine overall safety and efficiency of a building or facility’s power supply.


Analyze power quality, power flow, and related factors including grounding and harmonics.

Predict. Prevent.

Jamerson & Bauwens is your TEGG-Certified Service provider maintaining your most valuable asset(s). Sophisticated technical testing, including that conducted with ultrasonics and other electrical diagnostics equipment is exhaustive, intensive, and effectively unseen. The result is expedited speed to indication, diagnosis, and remedy.


Certified Level One, Two & Three Thermographers are just one example of our expertise.  Using infrared thermography in conjunction with ultrasonics, these professionals create a comprehensive, diagnostic report that identify performance anomalies.


Complementing TEGG-Certified Service, Jamerson & Bauwens’ proprietary Infrastructure Wellness Solutions™ actively pursue optimal electrical infrastructure health, perpetually.


Diagnose, indicate, optimize.
Reposit single and multiple systems’ assets.
Maximize aging infrastructure.
Observe, document, compile.
Aggregate information for efficient future use.


Infrastructure Wellness Solutions™ are a practical complement to TEGG-Certified Services.  Ask how.