Women’s History Month – Edith Clarke

The first female Electrical Engineer in the United States, Edith Clarke, transformed electrical power system understanding and estimating. She paved a way for women like her in electrical engineering and infrastructure.

Orphaned at twelve years old, she used inheritance money to pursue education. Edith Clarke published 18 papers between 1923 and 1951.
The MIT graduate spent 26 years at GE. She then headed to the University of Austin, Texas. There, she was the first woman to teach electrical engineering. She did so until her retirement in 1957.

Capping a career laden with first and other milestones, Clarke was elected a Fellow of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, a first for a woman and appropriate for her contributions and legacy.

Every day at Jamerson & Bauwens, our female team members lead, steward, and facilitate our history in its making. This team and the history we make together are richer for their contributions.