The David Rubenstein Forum at the University of Chicago

Jamerson & Bauwens Lifestyle Specialty encompasses “guest experience” dedicated structures that form a unique corner of the wider lifestyle sector.

LEED Gold Status awarded, The David Rubenstein Forum offers a close connection to the outdoors via its biophilic design. Natural lighting accentuates views of the surrounding landscape, elevating the “felt” experience.

Jamerson & Bauwens’ efficient powering and optimization of The David Rubenstein Forum, and structures like it, begins with our understanding of operational and experiential intent.

The Forum combines a variety of spaces, both formal and informal, large and small, calm and animated, focused and diffuse, scheduled and spontaneous. The ten-story tower features vibrant and distinct “neighborhoods.”

The third and fourth floors are home to Friedman Hall, a 285-seat auditorium optimized for spoken word. These floors and other “neighborhoods” connect to a two-story purpose designed lounge.

Meeting rooms on the eighth and ninth floors feature premium furnishings, finishes and powered equipment, including Peter May Boardroom, a tiered meeting space, seating 70.

Safeguarding interior design, Jamerson & Bauwens powers spaces to meet design, operations, and experience goals distinctive to the lifestyle domain.