TEGG x Jamerson & Bauwens

We’re at the working stage.

Today, Jamerson & Bauwens announces its relationship with TEGG. Our alliance drives progress by expanding electrical asset management capacity and capability.

Bruce Phibbs, Senior Vice President of ABM Franchising Group framed the opportunity thusly.

“Their history of precision execution and wealth of industry knowledge make Jamerson & Bauwens a perfect fit for TEGG’s focus on keeping facilities safe and sustainable for our clients.”

This is a mere floor to our potential elevation with TEGG’s resources and support.

“TEGG expands our ability to self-perform services we previously outsourced. This potentially greatly reduces response time.” Gary Shamasko, Jamerson & Bauwens Vice President of Solutions continued, “Their proven system, training, and process aligns with the discipline and expertise our clients have come to expect.”

Forged. Focused.

Email Gary Shamasko at: gshamasko@jbelectric.com.