Polished Pebbles

Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program works to prepare young women for a productive future in the workplace of their choosing.

Jamerson & Bauwens recently hosted an in-house event, culminating in a professional shadow experience with many of our women, as well as male colleagues eagerly participating.

Welcomed were thirteen 4th and 5th grade girls. The group dove headfirst into the construction industry, and its potential career opportunities. With some bias, we also overviewed mainline electrical contractors’ opportunities today and into a dynamic future.

A short tutorial, a portion of which was captured in the photos shown here, included an overview of departments and roles including:

Human Resources
Project Management
Project Support

Ken Ebertsch, a long-time Jamerson & Bauwens team member, was a pivotal and memorable presenter.

Irene Garcia, Jamerson & Bauwens’ project manager and program liaison, was instrumental in the wholly successful event.

As we close Women’s History Month, these girls, soon to be women, will undoubtedly make their own substantive and productive history.

To you, young ladies . . .