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Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.


Jamerson and Bauwens’ Specific Powered Charging Stations and Solutions

Our work for Zeigler Lincolnwood is but one example of our site-specific powered charging stations and solutions.

“Knowledge is key. We wanted to communicate with a vendor who had the knowledge and of course efficiency and timing.” Dan Allaire, General Sales Manager, Zeigler Lincolnwood

As your dealership or family of dealerships goes forward in EVlution, Jamerson &…

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Evlution – Go forward.

Never have there been more electric vehicles (EV) in production and on America’s roadways. This drastically increases demand for charging stations and charging-capable, powered environments.

Jamerson & Bauwens has built the corporate infrastructure, resources, and processes to elevate projects and outcomes across the EV sector.

Project by project we are amassing a successful track record of powered structures and amenities for a variety of vehicles, applications, and owners….

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Jamerson & Bauwens Participates in 2022 Habitat for Humanity “Raise the Woof!” Fundraiser

In a true work life can be “ruff” moment, Jamerson & Bauwens is again participating in Habitat for Humanity’s 2022 “Raise the Woof!”

Teams build scale, bespoke pet homes, mustering all the creativity they can, competing for trophies and serious bragging rights.

Howl worthy is the fact that all money raised goes to fund Habitat for Humanity home builds in Champaign County….

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Remembering Founder Howard R. Bauwens

A founder, Howard R. Bauwens was instrumental in the evolution of Jamerson & Bauwens from one truck and one electrician, in 1974, to the presence, the reach, and reputation we enjoy today.

On this, the anniversary of Mr. Bauwens’ passing 16 years ago, we can remember. And we can live….

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Infrastructure Wellness Solutions Trademark Obtained

Value validates the solution.

Jamerson & Bauwens first formalized the Infrastructure Wellness Solutions approach across its medical sector specialty.

Healthcare providers advocate wellness as an actively pursued goal. Infrastructure Wellness Solutions actively pursue optimal electrical infrastructure health.

Scheduled maintenance is only one aspect of the suite of solutions we customize to meet evolving capacity requirements….

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Back to the Future Leader Training (FLT) Program

Mark Mertes, General Foreman Electrician, began with Jamerson & Bauwens in 1986.

He benefited early on from mentors, managers and many others across projects and project teams that grew him, both as a professional and as a practitioner.

Mark’s was a vision, “Back to The Future.”

The Future Leader Training (FLT) Program is response to the reality of coming and future retirements over the next decade and beyond….

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Keeping Current: EV Installations

With increased electric vehicle (EV) production and use comes the need for more charging capacity and stations to accommodate the progress.

Jamerson & Bauwens has planned and is now merging its plan for EVs in the modern design/build scope with the reality of a society, specifically, a city and state, amid change….

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Jamerson & Bauwens Sponsors the Ascension/AMITA Health Foundation Gala

As thoughts turn to the weekend and this evening, take a moment to look back to a special evening a few weekends ago.

“An Evening at the Field,” the Ascension/AMITA Health Foundation Gala benefits Behavioral Health Programs and services, at Ascension Illinois’s Legacy Alexian Brothers and Presence Health Ministries.

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Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women’s Hospital

This Women’s History Month, we spotlight project partner and community asset:

Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women’s Hospital. Where leading-edge medical care is uniquely tailored to the needs of women.

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, it is the largest birthing center in Illinois. Prentice is well known for gynecologic and pregnancy care….

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Women’s History Month – Edith Clarke

The first female Electrical Engineer in the United States, Edith Clarke, transformed electrical power system understanding and estimating. She paved a way for women like her in electrical engineering and infrastructure.

Orphaned at twelve years old, she used inheritance money to pursue education. Edith Clarke published 18 papers between 1923 and 1951….

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