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2023 Experience Modification Rating

2023 Experience Modification Rating (EMR) .69

Beyond the obvious reasoning for safety as a top-of-mind pursuit, is the sometimes not-so-obvious profit motivation.

Fact: Safe companies are profitable companies. Safe workers are more productive workers. Thus begins a cycle of success culminating in predictable, seamless, and efficient outcomes.

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Jamerson and Bauwens: Electrical Contractor Magazine

This month’s issue of Electrical Contractor Magazine features Jamerson & Bauwens’ historic restoration and renovation teams, and their work across several Chicago landmark historic properties shown is the Richard H. Driehaus Museum.

The article, exquisitely written and precisely detailed, takes you around the sector, several signature, and well-known properties, and provides readers a clear understanding of the historic restoration sector’s nuance and special opportunities….

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Powering Mission-Critical Technology

Surgical practitioners continue to elevate the state of almost every specialty.

Beyond the techniques these physicians employ are the spaces their work evolves to occupy.

Procedures that once required a hospital surgical suite are now performed efficiently in stand-alone and much smaller hybrid settings.

Technology and its advancement play an outsized role in this changing reality….

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Bob Krier Award Night

Annually, the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Chicago Community of Practice hosts the Bob Krier Award Night.

Journeying back into the life and work of colleague, Bob Krier, President, The Hill Group, this April evening brought together a multitude of people touched by Bob and his work.

The Bob Krier Award recognizes individuals, companies and project teams that have moved design/build forward by advancing the Lean operating system….

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DMC Harper University Hospital

A specialty referral hospital, Detroit Medical Center – DMC Harper University Hospital provides expertise in neuroscience, minimally invasive and other surgeries, vascular services, multidisciplinary cardiovascular services, hypertension, stroke prevention, and heart failure. Recently, Jamerson & Bauwens served DMC’s patients a different pick-me-up.

Replacing the electrical substation that feeds all three chillers is the latest Medical Center electrical infrastructure optimization….

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Tegg x Jamerson and Bauwens

Two weeks ago, we announced our relationship with TEGG.

We are building on this strong foundation.

Today, we present the combined identity that frames our relationship. Collateral under the initiative will be uniquely branded as such.

To understand more of how TEGG expands electrical asset management capacity and capability, and those services once outsourced that we now self-perform, contact Gary Shamasko, Jamerson &…

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Polished Pebbles

Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program works to prepare young women for a productive future in the workplace of their choosing.

Jamerson & Bauwens recently hosted an in-house event, culminating in a professional shadow experience with many of our women, as well as male colleagues eagerly participating.

Welcomed were thirteen 4th and 5th grade girls….

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TEGG x Jamerson & Bauwens

We’re at the working stage.

Today, Jamerson & Bauwens announces its relationship with TEGG. Our alliance drives progress by expanding electrical asset management capacity and capability.

Bruce Phibbs, Senior Vice President of ABM Franchising Group framed the opportunity thusly.

“Their history of precision execution and wealth of industry knowledge make Jamerson &…

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Women in Construction Week is a celebration.

Women in Construction Week is a celebration.

Women in construction is also the better reality Jamerson & Bauwens, and our project partners benefit from every day.

Women’s contributions are deep and meaningful across the design/build sector, dating back to the earliest days of commercial and residential construction.

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Jamerson & Bauwens powers life, styled to you.

Luxury residential structures call on the same skillsets and experience as found in Jamerson & Bauwens commercial portfolio.

The installations range from high rise and other condominium environments to freestanding estates, and footprints spanning tens of thousands of square feet and electrical infrastructure under power.

Energy Management
Fire Safety
Life Safety
Lighting Design
“Man Caves”
“She Sheds”
Smart Home
Surveillance and Intrusion
Vehicle Charging
Wine Storage and Automation

Jamerson &…

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