Jamerson & Bauwens Participates in 2022 Habitat for Humanity “Raise the Woof!” Fundraiser

In a true work life can be “ruff” moment, Jamerson & Bauwens is again participating in Habitat for Humanity’s 2022 “Raise the Woof!”

Teams build scale, bespoke pet homes, mustering all the creativity they can, competing for trophies and serious bragging rights.

Howl worthy is the fact that all money raised goes to fund Habitat for Humanity home builds in Champaign County.

You can Help Choose This Year’s Winners (we have suggestions) of the “Most Pup-ular” Trophy.

You can also vote for specialty categories including the “Old Dogs” and “Young Pups” builds.

Voting opens tomorrow and remains open until 6:00 PM, September 30th.

Last year, Jamerson & Bauwens tied for Second Place. This year, we’re working to gain a paw up.

Visit http://cuhabitat.org/events/raise-the-woof-2022/

Sparky thanks you.