Evlution – Go forward.

Never have there been more electric vehicles (EV) in production and on America’s roadways. This drastically increases demand for charging stations and charging-capable, powered environments.

Jamerson & Bauwens has built the corporate infrastructure, resources, and processes to elevate projects and outcomes across the EV sector.

Project by project we are amassing a successful track record of powered structures and amenities for a variety of vehicles, applications, and owners.

In Illinois

EV registration is slated to grow from 400 to over a million by 2030.
EV owners may secure federally funded rebates of up to 80% of the cost, per charging station installation.

In Chicago

City ordinance requires new residential structures with more than five units, and commercial properties with more than 30 parking spaces, have 20% onsite parking electric ready.

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Ours is a choice to lead the charge.