DMC Harper University Hospital

A specialty referral hospital, Detroit Medical Center – DMC Harper University Hospital provides expertise in neuroscience, minimally invasive and other surgeries, vascular services, multidisciplinary cardiovascular services, hypertension, stroke prevention, and heart failure. Recently, Jamerson & Bauwens served DMC’s patients a different pick-me-up.

Replacing the electrical substation that feeds all three chillers is the latest Medical Center electrical infrastructure optimization. The system provides cooling for the hospital and its critical and knock-on systems.

5 high voltage switches
3 sectioned, 3000kVA transformer
3 pallets, enclosure(s)

All crane picked to a destination 6th floor.

Innovation from the Ground Up.

The work required the removal of the interior block wall, and organic fabrication of the cantilevered rail system which extends beyond the building. Pieces were picked, precisely landed on the rails, and rolled safely into the building. The final section of the rail structure is removable. Functionality gained allowed piece pick and lift with chain falls.

All this, in one working day.

Ours is the low-impact approach to high-traffic, and operational environments.