Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.

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To learn how Protofit elevates and powers efficient structure expansion, contact Jamerson & Bauwens’ Gary Shamasko.

• TEL: 847.291.2000

Or via email

• gshamasko@jbelectric.com.

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2023 Internation Women’s Month

This Women’s History Month, we spotlight Chicago design/build luminary, Architect, Lisabeth A. Martini.
Born in 1866, Ms. Martini was the first woman owner of an architecture firm.

Moving to Chicago, in 1909, almost 90 firms passed on her application, due to gender. Eventually taking a job as a secretary, she worked her way to the drafting room….

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Big Data, Bigger Opportunity

Electrical Contractor Magazine, Jeff Gavin’s 2013 article:

“Big Data, Bigger Opportunity” – pegged the next decade for electrical contractors with eerie precision.

For well over two decades, Jamerson & Bauwens has powered big opportunities for tenant and dedicated data facilities, across North America.

Delivering electrical power for a redundant generation, telecommunications, data centers and other like-purposed applications, an extensive data network installation portfolio highlights our expertise….

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Ascension Illinois Foundation Golf Tournament

Mulligan Mondays

See the first in a repeat series of Monday vignettes, highlighting golf as just one form of our corporate support of community that matters.

Shown 1st and 2nd from left, are Ken Bauwens, and one of Jamerson & Bauwens’ chief golf ambassadors, Bill Heneghan.

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Practitioners Heal. We Power.

Facility managers in primary and specialty care settings choose Jamerson & Bauwens to power the spaces, technology, and instrumentation that powers modern healthcare.

In outpatient and inpatient settings, standard-compliant electrical distribution system design meets and exceeds the NFPA’s requirements.

Advancing quality medical outcomes, Jamerson & Bauwens begins by understanding operations and opportunities from the practitioners’ perspective….

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The Science and Community Building

Sector Spotlight Education.

The Structure
Over 100,000 square feet, the Science and Community Building encompasses

10 smart classrooms
30 smart laboratories
Café, and open community space

Designed as a LEED Gold Status structure, it was built under a multi-party Integrated Project Delivery contract between the Owner, Architect, Construction Manager, Electrical Contractor, and Mechanical Contractor….

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James Residence

Bespoke power solutions for luxury lifestyle installations include residential estates and their precisely appointed interiors.

James Residence is a contemporary 22,000-square-foot Lincoln Park single-family home.

Indoor pool
Japanese bath & garden
Seamless exterior glass construction

These signature features, and the residence’s minimal space for MEP infrastructure, are just a couple of examples of this and similar luxury buildouts’ unique characteristics….

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Infrastructure Wellness Solutions ™

Jamerson & Bauwens delivers bespoke power solutions for an array of luxury environments. Safeguarding interior designers, property owners, and other artisans’ design intent, we power spaces as the foundational element in atmospheric interior design.

Expansive estate
Luxury retail
Residential and office properties

To understand better how Jamerson &…

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The Richard H. Driehaus Museum

“From addressing key social issues to transforming how we see the future; the humble museum has the power to reflect and shape our society.”

Rebecca Carlsson – Why we need museums now more than ever.

Powering modern museums like The Richard H….

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The Experience Modification Rating

There are local, state, and federal safety regulations Jamerson & Bauwens follow meticulously. We elevate their practical application at every opportunity.

Beyond these mandates is our mindset. We continually evolve practices (written and shared) that directly impact, improve, and enhance safety.

There are barometers that allow us, and you to measure our success….

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