Back to the Future Leader Training (FLT) Program

Mark Mertes, General Foreman Electrician, began with Jamerson & Bauwens in 1986.

He benefited early on from mentors, managers and many others across projects and project teams that grew him, both as a professional and as a practitioner.

Mark’s was a vision, “Back to The Future.”

The Future Leader Training (FLT) Program is response to the reality of coming and future retirements over the next decade and beyond. The program is a sober, strategic address, growing talent that can confidently innovate Jamerson & Bauwens into an even brighter future.

Mark crafted an evolving curriculum that includes symposium style work/study encompassing:

The Innovate Corporate Culture
Management Better Practices
Opportunities & Responsibilities
Approaches, Methods & Software

The full list of topics and teaching is too expansive to list. More importantly, it is designed and evolves to meet the changing dynamic and demands of Jamerson & Bauwens, the project partners we keep and the successful outcomes we deliver.