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Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc.


Scheduled maintenance is only one facet of the suite of Infrastructure Wellness Solutions™ Jamerson & Bauwens customizes to meet evolving capacity requirements. Predictive technology, by design it anticipates the wide spectrum of needs and opportunities. Enhance function proactively, in real time, at planned intervals, in cases of emergency, and as demand dictates.  

Beyond Triage

Approaches to the care and maintenance of electrical infrastructure can mirror early healthcare. At a time with few options, surgery was practiced as health maintenance. Exclusively an act of triage, surgery didn’t make anyone healthier.

Triage isn’t wellness. This is true of electrical infrastructure. Triage isn’t a solution.


In healthcare, “wellness” is the state of optimal health as an actively pursued goalInfrastructure Wellness Solutions™ actively pursue optimal electrical infrastructure health. 

Electrical Care Records

Following the initial audit, assets including drawings, warranty documents, maintenance records, and other information are reposited into Jamerson & Bauwens’ proprietary collaborative workspace. Smartsheets is the workspace’s engine.

Electrical Care Records follow your systems from cradle (or engagement) through their evolution.  ECRs optimize care at every milestone.

To discuss how Infrastructure Wellness Solutions™ perpetuate active pursuit of optimal electrical infrastructure health, contact Jamerson & Bauwens’ Gary Shamasko.  

  • Diagnose, indicate, and optimize electrical infrastructure health.
  • Reposit single and multiple systems’ assets and information.
  • Expand beyond remedial and responsive activities.
  • Maximize aging infrastructure’s capacity, safely.
  • Go anywhere in and off-facility, documenting photos, information, and observations.
  • Aggregate information for efficient future use, including in emergency.